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The Difference Between Home Furniture And Hotel Furniture

Differences in design concepts

Home furniture can be designed and produced according to personal preferences, reflecting individual characteristics and distinctive personality. The hotel furniture is generally designed according to the overall style of the hotel and arranged for specific hotel furniture production. We know that there are many hotels in the world, large and small, with different styles, and hotels have more and more design styles for furniture. force. The hotel guests come from different places, so the details on the furniture are people-oriented.

For example, the power switch should be placed in a place where guests can touch when the bed, and the power and Internet sockets should be installed on the desktop or inside the drawer, so that guests can use the power and the Internet conveniently. The corners of the square bedside table should be rounded to prevent guests from touching the bedside table.

Furniture materials

Whether it is household furniture or hotel furniture, different rooms may have different furniture materials. Because there are different levels of customers, the materials between hotel furniture and household furniture are also different.

1. When using residential furniture, pay more attention to fire prevention and easy care. The top surface or surface of hotel furniture should be made of hard, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant materials. Guests in hotel rooms generally smoke and accidentally burn furniture surfaces. Therefore, in the design, fireproof materials or glass should be used for the fire protection of the top of the furniture.

2. For hotel furniture, wet towels, steam, etc. will easily cause the furniture to deform and fall off the edges, which will damage the image of the hotel and have a negative impact on the hotel’s occupancy rate. Therefore, waterproof and moisture-proof performance is the key to choosing furniture materials Consider the object. In hotel bedrooms, bathrooms and guest rooms should always be airtight.

Furniture maintenance

Compared with household furniture, hotel furniture is more difficult to maintain. For household furniture, homeowners usually care about their property, take care of the furniture very carefully, and sometimes do regular maintenance, such as waxing. The daily maintenance of hotel furniture will be more difficult, so the convenience of maintenance will be taken into consideration when choosing materials.

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